Rep. Scalise to Congressional Democrats: Support GOP’s Discharge Petition Protecting Title 42, or You’re for Open Borders


    In Thursday's episode of “America Reports” on Fox News, House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said that in the event that House Democrats don’t agree to sign onto the GOP’s discharge petition, which would introduce legislation to preserve Title 42, then “they're for an open border,” and their positions on the subject don't matter.

    Scalise stated that “this is an alarming crisis that is going to get worse and everybody knows it. Look, they're estimating over 500,000 people a month will be coming across illegally once they drop Title 42 next month. And think about this, this is a tool that Border Patrol agents use to help secure the border, and it's one more tool that Joe Biden is taking away because he wants an open border. We have a bill, by the way, to solve this problem… If just five Democrats sign on to this discharge petition, we will get this bill brought up to the floor.”

    When the discussion turned to Democrats within Congress who favor the preservation of Title 42, Scalise said, “Well, the problem is we don't need their support, we need their signature[s]. Because they're saying they're for it, but they won't actually take the steps to bring the bill up. And, in the end, until you bring the bill up, it doesn't happen. And so, they're saying the right things, but then they won't actually follow it up with action on the House floor. So, the question to ask them, have they signed [Rep.] Chip Roy's (R-TX) discharge petition? If they haven't, then they're for an open border, it's that simple.”


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