Report: People Stuck in Tram Cars in Icy Weather in New Mexico


    “According to General Manager Michael Donovan, moisture and winds caused icing to occur on the tramline, causing two tram cars to become stuck near Tower 2 around 10 p.m. Friday,” the outlet reported.

    Donovan also noted that between the two cars, there were approximately 21 individuals, including workers from the Tram, and the Ten 3 restaurant.

    The tram cars had provisions, such as food, water, and emergency heating blankets.

    According to the report, rider Colleen Elvidge shared pictures from a tram car early Saturday, telling followers a rescue was “happening soon.”

    The photos on what appeared to be Elvidge's social media profile showed people huddled together, some lying on the floor to rest:

    “Donovan says as weather conditions improve, they hope to perform evacuations by early afternoon,” the KRQE report said.
    Meanwhile, emergency crews with the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office were at the scene and helicopter crews were expected to arrive as the conditions changed.

    Donovan told the outlet those in the tram cars are safe and have been undergoing routine health checks.

    The final winter storm of 2021 was expected to drop several inches of snow on areas of New Mexico, KOAT reported Friday:

    The southern part of the state is already seeing snow and rain Friday, with a few inches in Cloudcroft and Ski Apache. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are already in effect for the southern high terrain. Those will expire by 5 p.m. Saturday. Western and northern New Mexico will see winter storm warnings in effect from noon Friday until the same time Saturday.

    “Back in August 2020, riders were stuck in each tram car due to a mechanical issue. They were stuck for nearly four hours. In the 1970s, more than 30 people were rescued after a car became stuck for more than 24 hours,” the KRQE article concluded.


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