Report: Texas Woman Allegedly Kills Pastor Mother by Sitting on Her in ‘Prayer Position’


    A Texas woman allegedly killed her roommate, who is reportedly her mother, by sitting on her in what she allegedly called “prayer position.”

    Gloria Ann Jordan, 41, of Wichita Falls, was arrested Tuesday on a manslaughter charge in connection to the death of Gloria Farmer, which occurred on November 21, 2021, according to KAUZ. The alleged killing took place in a home the two women shared with a third woman on Las Cruces Lane in Witchita Falls.

    Citing Farmer’s obituary, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the victim was a pastor and the mother of Jordan.

    The Witchita Fall Police Department first believed Farmer’s death was of a medical nature, but a family friend came forward with concerns in the days after the alleged incident, the Star-Telegram reports. On November 24, police embarked on a follow-up investigation.

    Authorities questioned the third roommate about the incident, and she allegedly said Jordan may have been responsible for Farmer’s death, adding that she did not say anything earlier as she was scared of Jordan, KAUZ reports.

    The roommate explained that Jordan placed her hand on Farmer’s forehead during a prayer as the victim sat in an office chair and pushed the victim backward, causing Farmer and the chair to fall over, the outlet reports, citing an affidavit.

    KAUZ reports:

    Court documents say that Jordan then straddled Farmer’s body, sitting on her chest while Farmer told her to get off because she couldn’t breathe. The roommate reportedly tried to move Jordan off of Farmer, but the other woman is said to have stayed in her position until Farmer stopped breathing.

    An autopsy report found Farmer’s death to have been caused by mechanical asphyxia, and said the manner of death was homicide.

    Police reportedly questioned Jordan on Nov. 24 at the hospital, where she had been admitted for an unrelated medical condition. Jordan allegedly admitted to pushing Farmer over and straddling her body in a “prayer position” with her hand on Farmer’s forehead, but refused to answer further questions.

    Jordan also faces charges for another incident that allegedly occurred on November 25, after a woman would only drive her to a medical appointment in Dallas on the condition Jordan paid for gas, KAUZ reports. Jordan allegedly yelled, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord,” as she repeatedly banged the woman’s head against a wall.

    Witchita Falls Police Department obtained an arrest warrant on Tuesday for Farmer’s death, and in a Facebook post, the department asked the public’s help in locating her.

    “A public information officer with the department was unsure why an arrest warrant wasn’t obtained until February, but it may have been due to a delay in receiving the full autopsy report or a detective waiting on other evidence,” the Star-Telegram reports.

    Jordan was arrested by police in Burkburnett, about 15 miles northeast of Witchita Falls.

    She is being held on a $150,000 bond in Witchita County Jail, according to KAUZ.


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