Republican Resolution Condemning Violence at Churches and Pregnancy Centers Blocked by House Democrats


    After the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to reverse Roe v. Wade was released in May, many churches and pregnancy centers were hit with an avalanche of threats from radical anti-abortion activists. For example, a person threw a Molotov cocktail inside Wisconsin Family Action's premises. In addition, the radical pro-abortion organisation Jane's Revenge admitted to vandalizing and threating several churches in Washington.

    The violence that took place in pregnancy centers and churches continued after the Supreme Court officially overturned the famous abortion case. There have been more than 50 incidents of arson or vandalism at these locations following the Court's decision and more than 100 since the ruling was published.

    Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) introduced House Resolution 1233, which would have provided a wide-ranging condemnation of vandalism, violence, and threats that radicals who support abortion have committed towards pro-life birth centers as well as Christian churches.

    Johnson claimed that Congress's refusal to outlaw the violence that occurred at these sites “emboldened” the radical protesters to commit more crimes. It was not surprising that 219 House Democrats were against the resolution proposed to the House floor by Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14).

    House Democrats are following in the footsteps of their leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who would not condemn violence at pregnancy centers and churches when confronted about it last month.

    “This has gotten out of hand. Radical leftists were emboldened by the inaction of this body in the aftermath of the leaked opinion, and now they’ve targeted their violence against the very groups that care for women and their unborn children in their most vulnerable moments,” Johnson said. “It’s unconscionable.”

    “When will this body stand up against the mob? When will we restore law and order?” Johnson continued. “Our side is ready to act. We have an obligation and responsibility to do it.”


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