Republicans Are Sent Feces…But What’s the Reason?


    Liberals like to create the impression that Republicans are bullies with their guns and rules and yet the only group that has ever been known to lash out is the Democrats. They fight and turn violent… and recently, it seems that they've been sending packages of human excrement to Republicans in Ohio.

    Imagine receiving a special delivery that is full of human waste. It is disgusting.

    Liberals do not realize that their actions are totally unacceptable. It's not only politicians who have to confront the issue. Interns, mail carriers, and many more were in contact with the envelopes.

    It's unlikely the Biden administration will be blaming anyone for this or pointing out the wrongdoing. They'll sulk about the bullying, much like they did with the Republican-appointed SCOTUS judges who have been abused by the left.

    What is the significance of these envelopes, and who are they being sent to? Let's dig in.

    All Republicans within the Ohio Senate were sent envelopes thought to be full of human excrement. The majority of the packages were discovered by postal employees located in Akron as well as Cleveland. The other deliveries were not spotted until they made it to the mailroom of the Statehouse in Columbus.

    Twenty-five envelopes were found, however none made it into the senator's offices.

    An investigation is being conducted by the sergeant-at-arms, Ohio State Highway Patrol, as well as the U.S. postal inspector, according to John Fortney, a spokesman for the Ohio Senate Republican caucus.

    Fortner offered a few remarks about the senders, calling the senders “pathetic, little cowards” and “they could have taken a selfie, since it's the exact same thing. I'd be happy to explain the situation to them in a parking area or in a cornfield of their choice.”

    It's not clear if there was any sort of message that was included with the waste. At the moment, it appears that every Republican got an envelope full of human waste. The sender did not provide any sort of message that could be interpreted on the reason why they're angry.

    They're attracting the attention of the entire state of Ohio But their actions will not get them anywhere. They should have just eliminated everything since they didn't actually communicate anything.

    Senator Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) was the recipient of one particular envelope. Although he was didn’t actually get the envelope, there was something he wanted to say about it. “It is yet another example of the rage-ridden society that we live in. People are mad due to various reasons that are spread across the political spectrum.”

    If we were to speculate on what the Republicans did, most likely it is because of their view on abortion. There was a recent case in which a girl ten-year-old was raped and then became pregnant. The girl was not given the right to abort the pregnancy, meaning she had to travel across state lines in order for the procedure to be performed, which has caused quite a bit of anger from the left.

    What they don't recognize is that storing their feces for a few days and then sending it to the Post Office isn't going to do anything. This doesn't even explain why they're upset, or what they're expecting the Republicans in the Ohio Senate to do.

    Unfortunately, there'll likely be more instances of this type of behavior coming from the left.

    The country is breaking up. In the meantime, Biden is standing on an international stage lamenting about how the Supreme Court handled the Roe v. Wade case… because that certainly will help the country to get better.

    If we can get a conservative administration, it will be able to stop these games. The next news story could involve flaming garbage bags filled with human waste… or did we not see that one?


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