Republicans Thank Democrats for the Soaring Prices of Thanksgiving Staples


    The prices of traditional Thanksgiving foods have risen dramatically “thanks to the Democrats,” the official GOP account announced on social media prior to the major American holiday.

    “Thanks to the Democrats …,” the account began, highlighting how much prices for Thanksgiving food items have gone up this year. It lists the price of turkey as rising by 21 percent, frozen pie crusts increasing by 26 percent, and dinner rolls soaring by 22 percent, to pull a few examples.

    From the GOP’s Twitter account:

     Thanks to the Democrats…

    -Turkey is up 21%

    -Cubed stuffing mix is up 69%

    -Frozen pie crusts are up 26%

    -Whipping cream is up 26%

    -Frozen peas are up 23%

    -Dinner rolls are up 22%

    -Pumpkin pie mix is up 18%

    -Whole milk is up 16%

    -Sweet potatoes are up 11%


    In fact, data from the American Farm Bureau shows that the average Thanksgiving meal for ten people has increased by 20 percent from the previous year, ranging from $53.31 to $64.05.

    As Breitbart News reported: “The centerpiece on most Thanksgiving tables – the turkey – is a big driver of the increase. According to the Farm Bureau, the average price per pound is up 21 percent from last year. The consumer price index for food consumed at home is up 12.4 percent compared with a year ago. The broad index of consumer prices is up 7.7 percent over the last 12 months.”

    The survey by the Farm Bureau specifically showed that several staples were up: one pound of frozen peas by 23 percent, a one-pound vegetable tray by 8 percent, and a half pint of whipping cream by 26 percent.

    The price hikes coincide with polls conducted recently, including a Personal Capital survey showing that one out of four Americans is planning to skip Thanksgiving dinner to save money.

    A recent survey by The Vacationer also found that two-thirds of Americans stated that high prices had affected their Thanksgiving plans.The majority of those polled, 25 percent, cited the cost of food specifically.


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