Ron Johnson says regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop that the Media is “Complicit”


    Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)  weighed in on Sunday regarding major media outlets that now confirm the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop and emails that revealed his business transactions.

    Johnson said on Fox News Channel's “Sunday Morning Futures” that the revelations made by the Washington Post and the New York Times shows “how complicit” the media are in their attempts to cover up the activities of Hunter Biden's laptop prior to the 2020 presidential election.

    “I think really what the New York Times and the Washington Post articles prove is how complicit they have been and continue to be in the cover-up,” Johnson explained. “And, you know, quite honestly, they're not impartial. They're advocates for the Democrat Party of the radical left. You know, the Washington Post learned a lot of lessons from their coverage of Nixon. When you get caught in a cover-up — and that's what's happened, the media's being caught in a cover-up. They're being caught with their lies.”

    “This is serious business. This is unbelievable corruption at the highest levels of government and within our media,” he said. “We are all being snookered by them. This has been a — from my standpoint — a massive diversionary operation to, you know, to try and take the American public's attention away from their wrongdoing, their lies, their cover-ups.”

    “They covered it up,” Johnson added. “And as a result, they got Joe Biden elected; now they continue to cover up for him. But this is troubling. Now, we have actual bank records that verify what we reported. … the laptop is obviously a treasure-trove of additional corroborating evidence as well.”


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