Sanders Says Biden Must Go Further to Move Away From Fossil Fuel


    On Monday's telecast of the NBC show “Late Night,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that president Joe Biden and all but two Senate Democrats “wanted to go a lot further than the Inflation Reduction Act in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel.”

    Sanders said, “Look, what the President was looking for, what I wanted, and what I believe 48 of the U.S. Senate Democrats wanted will be a transformational change for the United States of America. We would like to make at least the tuition for community colleges free. We wanted to broaden Medicare. We know that there are millions of older people in the United States who are unable to afford to visit an appointment with a dentist, aren't able to afford hearing aids, or afford glasses. We were looking to go beyond the Inflation Reduction Act in transforming our energy system to be more energy efficient and free of fossil fuel. We wanted to address the problems with preschool, making preschool free for families working in the United States. We wanted to create millions of affordable housing and put people in charge of everything. What we wanted to accomplish, Seth, is finally let the American citizens know that their government was working for them, and not only billionaires. We fell two votes short of that, and I'm sure the two votes we missed will be hurting us tremendously.”


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