Schiff Plans to Consider Accuracy of Any GOP Subpoena


    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Sunday's “State of the Union” that he'd need to look into the legitimacy of a House Republicans subpoena, before taking action to comply with it.

    Anchor Dana Bash said, “The new chair of the oversight committee, James Comer, told Punchbowl News in an interview, ‘I don't believe that the congressional investigation has any credibility today. I  fault Adam Schiff for that, however, both parties are to blame for the investigations of the past. I'd like to make that change.’ What's your answer?”

    Schiff claimed, “Comer doesn't believe in the Russia investigation. He also doesn't believe in the Ukraine investigation. He isn't convinced by the investigation that began on January 6th. Why? Because they are investigations into the frequent misuse of power by Donald Trump. Comer, Jordan, and McCarthy are all set to be Donald Trump's water. Someone who's sitting down to dinner with anti-semites who's sitting down to dinner with bigots who don't want to be able to condemn them. They're creating an alliance with. They'll say and do what they have to do.”

    Bash declared, “We're out of time, but I'm going to make a request. If you're the subject of a subpoena from Republicans in the event that they assume power, will you comply?”

    Schiff stated, “We'll have to consider the legitimacy of the subpoena. I'd certainly consider my responsibility, as well as the government's obligation, to follow the law, and also the fact that they've violated the law isn't an example that is widely observed. We'll need to consider the legitimacy and the legitimacy of their actions.”


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