Sean Penn Explains to FNC’s Hannity Why He Didn’t Trust Him


    Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's “Hannity” at the beginning of the interview that there were “a lot of reasons” that he didn't trust anchor Sean Hannity.

    Hannity stated, “Thanks for coming in. I appreciate it. I made a phone call to you. I read you were there. The story interested me.” The actor was in Ukraine when Russia launched its attack against its neighbor. Hannity went on to say, “I said I'm interested in the work you are doing and why you were there even before the war started and this documentary. Do you remember what you first said to me?”

    Penn stated, “I do.”

    Hannity stated, “What did you say?”

    Penn replied, “I said I don't trust you.”

    Hannity stated, “Is there a reason you didn't trust me?”

    Penn wrote, “There are a lot of reasons I don't trust you. A lot of people don't trust their spouse. But yet, we have to get on with life. I never felt this way about where our country is and what I experienced emotionally in Ukraine. It had not–we all talk about how divisive things are, how divided things are here. When you step into a country of incredible unity, you realize what we've all been missing. I don't think I've got time to indulge my lack of trust, which becomes a petty thing as people and babies are being vaporized. These people are fighting for the dreams and aspirations of all of us Americans. We talked about that, too, and we agreed on that.”


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