Secretary Walsh Blames Inflation on Lack of Oil Production


    In Friday's show on “CNN Newsroom,” Labor Secretary Marty Walsh urged Congress to adopt legislation to manufacture computers in the United States by arguing that there is inflation due to “we don't build enough product in the United States of America,” and claimed that the increase in inflation was due to “outside factors.” And one of those factors could be “What's happening in Ukraine.” 

    Walsh said, “We are in a global — we are dealing with inflation today because we're not — we don't build enough product in the United States of America, and we have an opportunity to make computer chips in the United States of America, not be reliant on foreign imports for those chips.” and criticized Congress in the past for “playing games” on computer chips legislation.

    In an earlier interview, Walsh stated, “Inflation's difficult due to its global. It's not, and there are numerous other outside causes. The situation in Ukraine due to the price of wheat and oil as well as other things? What's happening in the case of the pandemic? We are experiencing supply chain issues. China was closed for six months and not only for six months — China was closed a couple of months ago due to the rate of COVID rising.”


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