Senate GOP Moderates remain silent about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Trustee Position at Woke the Pro-Critical Racism Theory School


    Jackson, who is being considered for the position of retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's seat, is a member of the board for a Washington, D.C., private school. As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated in his remarks at the confirmation hearings for Jackson, the school is a beacon for students towards social justice issues and critical race theory, in addition to other aspects of left-wing activism.

    “I don't know. I don't think so,” Jackson replied when asked by Cruz whether the theory of critical race was taught or applied in the classrooms of Georgetown Day School. “I believe it's an academic theory that's at the law school level.”

    “The board is not, the board does not control the curriculum, the board does not focus on that, that's not what we do as board members so I'm actually not sure,” Jackson declared.

    In the report, Breitbart News reported that, despite Jackson's assertions to the contrary, the Board of Trustees does, in reality, have to deal with the subject of curriculum and is pushing for radical racial ideology across the entire school.

    Collins, Murkowski, and Romney — who are believed to be the Senate's moderate Republicans, have not responded to inquiries from Breitbart News on Jackson's position as trustee of Georgetown Day School.

    Romney had previously dismissed the concerns of the GOP about Jackson, while Collins has praised Jackson's work as a defense lawyer and federal court judge as “impressive.”

    Kelly Tshibaka, the Trump-backed conservative who is running against Murkowski in her Senate campaign for re-election, said to Breitbart News that the moderate GOP Senator is “forcing Alaskans to play the age-old guessing game ‘How will Murkowski vote?'”

    “Whenever the left gets called out on indoctrinating our children through Critical Race Theory, they usually deny it. We must eliminate the ‘woke' from our schools. Teaching impressionable children that they cannot succeed or cannot be friends with each other because of the color of their skin is exactly the opposite of what we want kids to learn,” Tshibaka stated.

    “As a senator who will have to vote on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court, Lisa Murkowski should express a clear opinion about this, too,” she added.

    Murkowski was against Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to his seat on the Supreme Court, while Collins was in favor of the current Justice.

    The left can negate any existence of critical race theories in schools, and argue that it's only a legal theory that is taught in law school -just as Jackson did before the Senate, due to the fact that terms such as “anti-racist,” “social emotional learning,” and “equity” have been used to refer to it as the concept began to become an issue of political importance for the Democrats.

    Additionally, sources like books written by renowned theorist of Critical Race Theory, Ibram X. Kendi, and other works that instruct the reader ways to “deal with their whiteness”, are the most reliable indicators of a school's adherence to the doctrine.

    Jackson's Georgetown Day School displays all the important indicators proudly.

    In a letter dated July 17, from Board Chair Lisa Fairfax, who introduced Jackson before the Senate in July, emphasized the Board's role in ensuring that “the Board can play its critical role in ensuring that we fulfill the GDS mission and for ways in which the Board can serve as a source of oversight and accountability for the important work to be done.”

    One area of concern was the need to address “concerns about the GDS curriculum” regarding the race of students as well as “equity,” “to better ensure that our entire community commits to making GDS an antiracist institution.”

    In the same document, the board also reached “a recognition that the entire GDS community–including members of the white community, students and parents, faculty and staff–must commit to engaging in the intentional work of fostering an antiracist environment.”

    In a follow-up letter, Georgetown Day School said to its “white community” that incidents such as the deaths of Ahmaud's Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are “what occurs when we do not view the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion as all of our work.”

    It includes the following “work” white persons can do to ensure that race is important in their lives:

    • Involving ourselves in white anti-racist activities, as well as educating ourselves and our children about the social conditioning that is associated with the anti-Black prejudice;
    • Ensuring that the race discussion isn't exclusively occupied by those of color and people from our Black community; and
    • Engaging in educational opportunities as well as programs that aim to increase our understanding of the development of white racial identity.

    The school also offers the long “Family and Educator Anti-Racist Resources” list where children aged eight and nine are suggested to read, Stamped: Race, Antiracism and You written by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi. This is a book that asks “Can we send white people back to Europe?”

    Additional “Books for Kids” include the following list that includes, forty “picture books for young activists,” “31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism, and resistance,” and 75 things white People can do to support Racial Justice by Corinne Shutack.

    Critical Race Theories aren't the only warning sign Senators are examining when evaluating Jackson's qualifications to run for office in relation to her position as a board member at Georgetown Day School.

    In the report, Breitbart News reported that this school “had children perform a play with adult sexual content and encouraged fourth-graders to participate in left-wing activism.”

    The drama department of the school performed a musical version of the explicit and sexually explicit German drama Spring Awakening that examines the sexuality of adolescents.

    The musical “is not only about sexual awakening, but perhaps more so about self-discovery,” Georgetown Day School High School Performing Arts Department Chair Laura Rosberg said in a note to potential viewers. “I've enjoyed the irony of a story about intimacy at a time when kids can't be intimate.”

    In the students' newspaper, some staff and students were able to express “reservations” about doing the play.

    “Being more exposed and immersed in what we were doing, I got a little bit desensitized,” one of the actresses, who is a junior, explained. “But the subject matter is still very heavy.” 

    Fourth-grade students at the school were made to perform left-wing protests during “Free to Be Me,” an assembly that was aimed to celebrate “LGBTQ+ voices,” that also compared to the Black Lives Matter movement to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

    After explaining what “LGBTQ+” means, a fourth grader said that “there are numerous, many other identities within the LGBTQ+ community that we don't know enough about. They're important and we'll learn more about them in the future.”

    One of the main concepts of the talk was that being an “ally” was not enough, and that it was better to focus on the need for activism.

    “Now let's look at a quote from Audrey Lorde, a famous poet and activist who described herself as black, lesbian mother, warrior poet,” one fourth-grade student stated. “She said, ‘You do not have to be me in order for us to fight alongside each other.'”

    Another fourth-grader also told me, “Being an ally is all about showing up, pushing back and taking action.”

    As well as concerns about her links with Georgetown Day School, Senators are increasingly concerned by Jackson's past record of giving child pornographic offenders light sentences that fell short of the recommendations of the Sentencing Commission.

    Jackson, in one particular instance, imposed the prison term of three months for a sexual offender who was who was caught with seventeen videos and sixteen images of pornography involving children that showed boys aged between 8 and 12 years old engaging in sexual activities.

    In an interview, the sex offenders seemed to acknowledge Jackson for her lenient sentence, stating “I feel that she chose to take into consideration the fact that I was just getting started [in life] and she knew this was going to hold me back for years to come regardless … so she didn't really want to add on to that.”

    Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee are now requesting Jackson provide any relevant information related to the case, including information about the place where the sex offender was eventually confined to a halfway house due to his potential to browse pornographic content for children.

    Jackson requires 50 votes in the Senate and vice president Kamala Harris is able to break a tie. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stated that he would not vote for Jackson in the race for the permanent position, and Senator. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is considered to be a swing vote, has vowed to support her.

    Additional Democrat swing votes who may vote along in conjunction with Senate Republicans to stop Jackson's confirmation include Senators. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ). Kelly is in the midst of a challenging election in the coming year.


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