Senate Gun Bill will Lead to More Gun Control Measures


    On Wednesday's show of CNN's “AC360,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) argued that the Senate gun law “paves the way in the future to look at” other gun control measures.

    Anderson Cooper asked, “Well there's probably many people who want this to happen. Obviously you stated that you would like this to be more comprehensive with regard to gun safety and gun control. What advice would you give to those who think this doesn't go enough and could hinder efforts to achieve more changes in the near future?”

    Klobuchar replied, “We have worked on this for a long time. Then, after Parkland I was sitting in the same room as Donald Trump at the White House together with several senators. He said that he would conduct background checks. I have that piece of paper. Eight or nine times the president said it…nothing occurred. In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, nothing happened. When you speak to the families that worked on the issue for several years, they know how difficult it has been and how depressing it is. To begin with something that can save lives even if the feature would not have saved their own children's lives, it is a gesture of compassion and love that you hear from families of the families who have lost loved relatives. We're taking this step because it's the reason we're going forward. In my opinion, it will open the door in the future to consider the other options. But if you don't and go home, then we're left with nothing. This is why it's vital to approve this bill in a bipartisan manner.”


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