Senate Will Look Into Mar-a-Lago Raid when GOP has Majority


    Grassley, who is the majority senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on SiriusXM's Breitbart News Saturday and shined the spotlight on a variety of perspectives on the raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. Grassley first claimed that there is an FBI “double standard” concerning Trump as opposed to other figures in the political arena like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden.

    “I take the issue in a wider context… that is that the FBI over an extended period of time has a kind of double standard. You can revisit the Steele Dossier,” Grassley said to presenter Matthew Boyle, referencing the Russia collusion saga. “You are able to go back to Carter Page, FISA… warrant as well as revisit the email correspondence of Clinton. It appears to me that there are biases within the FBI. Also, I've recently given an example of bias based on politics that resulted from the start of an investigation into a Trump investigation, and then resigning from the Hunter Biden investigation. Therefore, it's a legitimate way to raise the issue of the extent to which there's bias in politics and what we're doing today.”

    “And you then go for… Attorney General Garland saying that he's determined to be completely transparent. If he's determined to be completely transparent it is best to ensure that the affidavits are followed up on the warrant and then you'll have complete transparency,” Grassley added.

    On Thursday, the Iowa senator submitted an agenda of questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers regarding the raid, and whether they personally approved of the operation. There were a number of questions that reflected the same pattern he stated about equal use in the application of law. Particularly, he sought answers to a difference that he drew out about the FBI's handling of the investigation of Clinton and Trump, who claimed that the FBI was “working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies.” Notably, no federal authorities ever raided Clinton's residence.

    “Comey made his exoneration declaration before interviewing [Clinton]. We have Clinton destroying documents. There is no evidence President Trump destroyed documents,” Grassley explained on Saturday. “You have Clinton…we are aware that the servers were compromised, and there are probably national security… worries there. Also, there's no evidence that the president did anything wrong, and there's no evidence to suggest that he was not cooperating. We must know these facts.”

    Boyle asked Grassley whether Trump could be entitled to an exonerating statement in the event that the FBI decides not to charge him.

    “Well it's true that he… should be given many exonerating remarks in the past, all the way into the Steele Dossier, and everything that was carried out under Special Attorney Robert Mueller to destroy… his administration of four years. He stood up against this whole thing for four years. All of it turned out to be a huge lie and without a foundation on which to base it, and the Carter Page thing, the Steele Dossier, all those things.”

    Boyle then asked the senator to clarify if “this could become the biggest scandal in Justice Department history” and if he anticipates an investigation into the department's inefficiency from either chamber of Congress should Republicans get the majority.

    “Well clearly, the raid on the home of a former president is astonishing. It could even be in violation of the constitutional right of an individual… Think about it in the context that he informed them that ‘If you'd like more information’ and he did this in June of this year – ‘If you need any additional documents, just let me know.’ And unless they can show that the President was not cooperating, I believe this decision must be at the very least scrutinized and, in some cases, legitimately challenged.” Grassley stated.

    “But returning to your concerns about what will happen taking control of this House of Representatives, I believe there's no doubt about this. There are already Republicans in a variety of regions, not just this one, but across a number of regions, saying they're planning to launch investigations. This is their constitutional right. It's my constitutional duty. If I'm in the majority and am chairman of the Judiciary Committee, again, I'm going to investigate the issues until we get to the bottom. But I'm sure you'll understand that under both Republican or Democrat administrations we receive lots of naysayers within the Justice Department. I've even been told by whistleblowers inside the Justice Department that ‘we're not going to investigate any of the Grassley investigations. ‘”

    “There's a culture of political bias there that only Wray can correct,” said Wray. stated. “And there's a need for a solid plan to change that society. He must announce the details of the program and how it will be implemented and heads must be raised as people must be confident in the top law enforcement agency across the United States.”


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