Senator Graham Argues That the U.S. Should Be “All In” and Give Ukraine Whatever It Needs to “Dislodge Russians” from the Country


    On Wednesday’s Fox News Channel's America Reports, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) contended that the United States should be “all in” on Ukraine.

    In the words of the South Carolina Republican lawmaker, failing to act in Ukraine could set a harmful precedent regarding the United States’ adversaries all over the world.

    “A lot of news, a lot happening,” host Sandra Smith began. “We’re watching the White House. We will be watching the Capitol later today. To what extent do you believe this country should continue to aid Ukraine in this fight?”

    “Completely all in, without equivocation,” the senator responded. “If Putin dismembers Ukraine, he will not stop. China’s more likely to go into Taiwan. The world will unravel. And no domestic problem gets better here at home allowing Putin to destroy Ukraine, quite the opposite.

    “If you can stop Putin in Ukraine, China will probably rethink invading Taiwan, and the world will be a better place,” Graham continued. “Nobody’s dying over here, no American soldiers. We’re spending money, but it’s being spent on a good cause, the cause of freedom. So I’m all in, whatever they need, as long as they need it.”

    “So, when you say all in, Senator, would you agree to give Zelensky what he says he wants, which is the long-range ATACMS artillery missiles?” co-host John Roberts interjected.

    “Yes,” Graham replied.

    “Would you give him Gray Eagle drones?” Roberts said.

    “Yes,” Graham answered.

    “Would you give him Reaper drones?” Roberts pressed.

    “Yes,” was Graham’s answer.

    “You give him all that?” Roberts asked.

    “I would give him the ability to dislodge Russians from his country,” Graham concluded.


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