Senator Hagerty Tells Varney & Co. That Biden’s Title 42 Repeal Sends Open Invitation to the CCP and Drug Cartels to Ramp Up Drug Production


    In Tuesday's episode of the Fox Business Network's “Varney & Co.,” Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) made his case that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and drug cartels “are ramping up drug production to all-time high levels” in reaction to President Joe Biden’s administration's plan to cancel Title 42, in light of the “open invitation” that the Title 42 repeal sends.

    Hagerty said, “[O]n May the 23rd, President Biden has basically sent an open invitation. There's going to be a tidal wave of human immigration coming across the border. I'm certain that the CCP and the cartels are ramping up drug production to all-time high levels. They're killing our kids here in America. They're moving these people all over the United States, and they're turning every town into a border town in the process.”

    Then he added, “The capacity…right now at the border is processing 5,000 people a day. They're already at 7-8,000, Stuart, which means they're pulling frontline Border Patrol officers off the line, bringing them back, doing administrative duties. So, already, the border is getting more and more porous, opening up more and more holes to push…high-value, very dangerous individuals, as well as more drugs.”

    The senator added, “These are multibillion-dollar cartels, again, they work in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party and the gangs there to bring fentanyl across the border, that's their business is the drug trade.”


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