Senator Ron Johnson Slams Radical Democrat Mandela Barnes for not Conceding


    On Wednesday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) slammed extreme Democrat Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes (D) for refusing to acknowledge defeat.

    “The votes are in. In all Democrat strongholds, municipalities are reporting 100% of wards are in and counted,” Johnson said in a press release. “There is no path mathematically for Lt. Gov. Barnes to overcome his 27,374 vote deficit. This race is over.”

    Johnson was unsure if Barnes would accept the outcome of the election. “Will you accept defeat trailing by 27,000 votes?” Johnson asked. “In 2020, Joe Biden claimed victory in Wisconsin with a 20,000 vote margin.”

    Johnson stated that the votes that are still to be counted are coming from red-leaning districts. “There are some counties that have anywhere from 3-10% of the votes outstanding. These localities represent areas where we are winning by over 60%.”

    The Wisconsin race was declared shortly before 3 am on Wednesday morning by Decision Desk HQ with 93 percent of the votes being counted. Politico, Associated Press, and NBC News have also called the race to favor Johnson.

    The projection was noteworthy because Wisconsin was one of 21 Republican-controlled seats up for election. Democrats only held 14 seats. Wisconsin, along with North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, was one of the most competitive Republican seats to win.

    National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) gave Johnson his congratulations for the win on Wednesday.

    “Ron is a tireless advocate for small businesses and the hardworking people of Wisconsin,” the senator said in a statement. “He brings commonsense solutions to the Senate and always fights to protect and defend the security of our homeland and our priorities abroad, and deeply cares about the betterment of his state.”

    The Badger State Senate race was the fifth most expensive Senate race with $185,811,066, as per Open Secrets. Barnes has spent more than $96 million in cash from donors to oust Johnson.

    Johnson beat Barnes by noting his record of being a soft-on-crime person and led in the polls from mid-September.


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