Shaheen: Leaked Afghanistan Notes Underscore My Concerns about Handling of Withdrawal


    On Wednesday's broadcast of MSNBC's “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) reacted to reporting in Axios on leaked notes from a White House meeting on the exit from Afghanistan and the National Security Council's dismissal of the report by stating that she didn't support Biden's decision to withdraw and wasn't comfortable with the execution of the withdrawal, and the report underscores the concerns she had.

    Shaheen said, “[I]t's no secret that I was not supportive of the president's decision to withdraw and was uncomfortable with the way that was carried out. But, at this point, what we need to do is find out what went wrong and what was done right about that evacuation, what are the lessons that we can carry forward? That's why a commission that has been sponsored by Sen. Duckworth and a number of other folks, myself included, is important to see if we can make sure that we don't make the same mistakes in the future.”

    Host Kristen Welker then asked, “And just to put a fine point on it, do the leaked documents that we've now all seen underscore your concerns about how the withdrawal was carried out?”

    Shaheen responded, “They do.”

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