Sharpe Condemned for Preferring $20 a Gallon Over Trump Being Back in the White House


    The issue began for Sharpe when he jokingly asked on Twitter for information on gas station owners hiring. The tweet also displayed a $118 transaction from a gas station.

    “Anyone knows someone hiring that owns a gas station? You get a discount IF* you [work] at an establishment,” Sharpe wrote on Saturday. “Do ppl still siphon off gas? It was a thing when I was growing up.”

    But, when a Twitter fan inquired of Sharpe whether his anger over Joe Biden's high gas price made him want Trump back, Sharpe posted this unintelligent and insensitive response.

    “I'd rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office,” Sharpe wrote. “Hope that answers your question.”

    Sharpe, who is reported to have a net worth of $13 million, immediately drew justifiably admonished backlash from a number of Twitter users.


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