Shooting Leads to Multiple Victims on Chesapeake, VA, Walmart Premises


    Numerous victims have been reported in the aftermath of a mass shooting at the Walmart located in Chesapeake, Virginia, less than a week after the shooting of three UVA (University of Virginia) football players by a gunman in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    The incident is believed to have occurred at the Walmart off Battlefield Blvd. According to the police, ten people may be dead due to the shooting.

    “It's still unclear just how many people were killed or injured in the shooting, but police say there are multiple[s] of both,” according to WAVY.

    A police spokesperson informed journalist Michelle Wolf that “no more than 10 people have died.” The suspect believed to be responsible for the horrific incident was also killed on the premises.

    “Police are still going through the building, and people are asked to steer clear,” added WAVY. “The call reporting the shooting came in at 10:12 p.m. The Walmart supercenter was open to the public at the time. There’s still a massive police response outside of the store, with more than 40 emergency vehicles outside.”

    Police have asked the public to stay clear of the Walmart as they search the area.

    Virginia is experiencing a tragic month of shootings, beginning with the murders of three football players from the University of Virginia.


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