Sleeping Tesla Driver Drives onto Sidewalk, Couple Narrowly Avoid Being HIt


    “Police Chief Bobby Evans tells us that the driver of the tesla had fallen asleep at the wheel as he was coming into town,” KTXS announced on Thursday.

    Video footage captured two people taking an afternoon stroll along the sidewalk. A few minutes later, they returned to the building and the space was clean.

    The vehicle sped onto the scene and smashed through what seemed to be a low concrete wall near the building's front entrance, before it disappeared from the camera's view.

    Social media users shared their opinions on the incident, with one user writing, “Those people have guardian angels who watch over their safety. If they had waited a little longer, the incident would have been horrifying.”

    “Wow! They went inside just in time, that could have been a bad tragedy,” another said..

    The company of Elon Musk, Tesla, was reported to have dismissed a worker after the employee published an honest assessment on the firm's Full Self-Driving software online:

    The Verge reports that an ex- Tesla employee, John Bernal, alleges that he was fired from Tesla after he reviewed its Full Self-Driving beta software through his channel on YouTube. Bernal is the creator of the YouTube channel AI Addict, where the video he uploaded showed the Tesla striking a bollard when he discussed the autonomous driving feature.

    Bernal claims that prior to his demotion from Tesla, he was warned by his supervisors that the video “broke Tesla policy,” and the YouTube channel was an example of a “conflict of interest,” but his written notice of termination did not provide a reason for why he was dismissed. Bernal claims that he was approached by management after posting a video in March 2021 that demonstrated his Tesla getting into several close encounters with cyclists and pedestrians.

    In the latest incident, the driver is said to have struck the area that is the City Hall and then smashing through the awning pillars that were on fronts of stores.

    “Chief Evans says the driver was heading home to New Mexico when the crash happened,” the KTXS article concluded.


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