Some of the Newly Arrived Migrants, Numbering in the Thousands, Endure a Cold Christmas on the Streets of El Paso, Texas


    A large number of migrants awoke Christmas morning on the streets of El Paso, Texas, as temperatures fell into the 20s. City officials put buses in close proximity to refugee camps to act as warming stations for those who declined to seek refuge in shelters or were not eligible for the federally funded shelters.

    On Friday, El Paso city leaders extended the emergency declaration for another 30 days as migrants continued to traverse the border from Juarez, Mexico, El Paso Matters stated. This move will allow the city to continue to offer shelter to the migrants in the midst of frigid temperatures.

    “We were able to get 238 people off the streets last night,” Mayor Oscar Leeser said during a meeting.

    The Biden administration’s policies prevent those who cross the border without being taken into custody by Border Patrol agents from being admitted to federally funded shelters, according to Breitbart Texas. The majority of those who fall into this group are Venezuelans who are in danger of being deported from the United States under Title 42.

    A large number of migrants remained huddled in city streets, covered head to toe with donated clothing, KVIA ABC7 reported. Although some of the migrants were not eligible for the shelters, others chose not to stay in the temporary shelters set up by the city. 

    A Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard published by the City of El Paso shows that Border Patrol officials released nearly 4,000 migrants into the city this past week. This is in addition to the more than 10,000 people who were released the previous week.

    City officials have parked buses along the curbs near refugee camps to provide warmth to the people who are in need, the El Paso Times reported.

    The city’s leaders have also demanded action from officials at the White House, a request that is likely to be ignored. The El Paso Times quoted two City Council representatives:

    “I believe President Joe Biden needs to come to El Paso,” outgoing El Paso council member Rep. Claudia Rodriguez said.

    Rep. Isabel Salcido echoed these sentiments: “I do believe Biden needs to come here to El Paso.”

    Mayor Leeser has announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency) will provide another $7 million in aid to the city and El Paso County. Red Cross officials also stated that they will send 10,000 cots to be placed in the temporary shelters.


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