Some ‘Saturday Night Live’ Writers are Boycotting this Week’s Show in Protest of Host Dave Chappelle


    Some writers on NBC's Saturday Night Live are so angry about Dave Chappelle hosting this week's show that they're boycotting the show to protest against the comedian, as per the latest report.

    “They’re not going to do the show,” an unnamed source said to Page Six. “But none of the actors are boycotting.”

    The writers seem to be angry with Chappelle because of his humor about transgender individuals and his public declaration that gender is determined by biological reality. “I'm team TERF,” Chappelle stated in his latest Netflix special The Closer.

    He recently was quoted as saying, “They canceled JK Rowling, they started calling her a TERF. I didn't even know what that was, but I know that trans people make up words to win arguments… I'm team TERF.”

    A representative of Chappelle has denied that writers are boycotting the show’s upcoming episode. The rep said to Page Six that Chappelle was present at NBC on Tuesday to meet with producers and writers, and that “there was no evidence of a boycott.”

    “The room was full of writers. They all pitched ideas and they seemed very excited about it…. Dave is looking to have some fun.”

    Following the announcement that Chappelle was named host last week, SNL writer Celeste Yim wrote on Instagram Stories, saying “I’m trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns. Transphobia is murder and it should be condemned.”

    SNL recently announced its first gender “non-binary” cast member, Molly Kearney.

    As Breitbart News revealed, the transgender community is upset about the host of SNL this week. They accuse the show and Chappelle of fueling the “war” against trans people.

    Dave Chappelle has hosted SNL twice in the past without incident, winning the Emmy Award in 2017. With the show's low numbers, NBC could be hoping that a controversial host could draw more viewers to watch


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