Spring Break Joe Biden Is on the Beach Before a Trip to Europe


    The US president spent the weekend at his Delaware beach house on Rehoboth Beach. After spending the last weekend of December there, the president is making his first trip to the beach in 2022.

    Biden spent the past week calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”  and a “thug” and pledged to support Ukrainians in their struggle for freedom.

    “We are reminded by these appalling events from Ukraine that freedom, democracy cannot be taken for granted,” Biden stated during a St. Patrick's Day celebration held at the White House. “Each generation must stand up for their rights and defend them.”

    The president failed on Friday to recruit President Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator, in his efforts to press Russia economically until their offensive in Ukraine is abandoned.

    Biden's weekend at the beach during Spring Break won’t prevent him from traveling to Europe next week to meet with the leaders of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Alliance.

    In 2017, the Bidens bought their beach house for $2.74 million and recently made plans to install a $455,000 government-funded fence on the property for safety reasons.


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