‘Squad’ Member Rep. Rashida Tlaib Spotted Maskless in D.C.


    Breitbart News videographer Matthew Perdie spotted the far-left “squad” member on a street corner in Washington, DC, on Thursday. The congresswoman was caught on camera staring at her phone with her mask hanging haphazardly from her ear.

    Tlaib's maskless face dawned the D.C. streets the same day Republican House members revolted against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) order to have Capitol Police officers arrest anyone who will not comply with the new mask mandate on Capitol grounds.

    Washington, DC, has reinstated mask mandates, even though 69 percent of D.C. residents have been fully vaccinated – a higher percentage than any state in the country.

    The nation's capital has reportedly “experienced a four-fold increase in its daily case rate since the beginning of July,” DC Health said.

    While the updated CDC guidance only applies to indoor settings in areas of high transmission, both health officials and President Joe Biden have struggled to maintain consistent messaging on the mask mandate.


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