Stephen A. Smith Claims He Is Underpaid Because of Race


    Smith made his pitiful claim on Friday, prior to game 1 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies when the discussion focused on the lack of U.S.-born black players in this series for this was the first occasion since 1950.

    “We remain Black within this nation. We aren't sure we can trust this country on meritocracy. We are aware that the reality is that just as women are paid less than the males in their respective fields, Blacks are underpaid compared to White counterparts.” Smith said.

    Stephen A. Smith has been heavily leaning into an increasingly woke view of identity politics like when he claimed that commentators would evaluate Tom Brady's famous sideline rant differently if they were a white man or stated that white analysts shouldn't discuss black athletes allegedly making use of helmets for weapons.


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