Stephen Colbert Says Police are on High Alert because of Trump and Jan. 6


    On Monday's show, CBS' “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert addressed the arrest of some members of his staff by Capitol Police and said that “the Capitol Police were just doing their job. My staff was working.” In addition, the conduct of his staff “was the first degree of puppetry. It was a prank with the intention to laugh with the old Conan clip” and “just an actor doing puppet things.” However “so many things have transformed in Washington in the last few years that Capitol Police do have to be on high alert throughout the day due to the attacks on the 6th of January. The hearings have proven more and more the blame for the actual uprising lies in the hands of Putin's puppet.”

    Colbert stated, “Last week, I received a call from my former colleague Triumph the Insane Comic Dog. Triumph suggested that he go into D.C. and interview some congressmen to discuss the hearings on January 6. I said, yes If you could get any person to be willing to talk with you. … Well, he did. Democratic and Republican congressmen agreed to talk with Triumph. … Then, Triumph and my folks were able to shoot for two days in the congressional offices just across the Capitol Building. They had to go through security clearance and shot throughout the day Wednesday, and into Thursday, and then were allowed in the homes of congressmen who they interviewed. … At the end of day two on Thursday, when they'd completed their interviews and were performing some last-minute-puppetry and humorous make-ups in a hallway, Triumph and I were stopped and detained at the hands of members of the Capitol Police. This shouldn't be a surprise because the Capitol Police are much more vigilant than they were for instance just 18 months ago and with a good reason. If you're not certain of the reason, I'm sure of the news channel you follow. Also, the Capitol Police were just doing their job. My staff was simply working. They were all very professional. Everyone was extremely peaceful. My staff were taken into custody for processing, then released. An extremely unpleasant incident for my staff but many forms of thanks to officers of the Capitol Police, but a quite simple tale.”


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