Surging Gas Prices Cause Some Businesses to Break State Price-Regulating Laws


    The nation continues to struggle under President Joe Biden's exorbitant gas costs. Since the time Biden took office, the world has become a much more expensive place in which to buy anything. The price that consumers pay at the pumps has almost tripled. There doesn't appear to be any relief on the horizon, as the president continues to place America last.

    The current cost of gas has created numerous problems for many. The one thing many people did not anticipate was the need for a fuel station located in Wisconsin to cut its costs to the point that customers would be attracted to the store. But, according to state law, although the shrewd move to lure customers might seem sensible, it is not legal.

    Many areas of the nation are witnessing gas prices rise into the record-setting realm. Motor Biscuit reported that “gas prices are attracting a lot of people's attention because they are fluctuating close to record-setting highs. For instance, there was a time when the US Energy Information Association recently revealed an average at $4.32 per gallon. This was up 14 cents per gallon from the week before and as high as $1.37 per gallon from one year before.”

    The media and Democrats are doing an excellent job of obscuring all the facts behind increased prices. They are repeating the lies of Biden's administration, claiming that the price increases are due to the conflict in Ukraine. However, the reality is that Biden removed all the rules that former President Donald Trump had put in place. The regulations he enacted allowed America to be free of dependence on foreign nations for its energy requirements. But Biden wanted to create a state of dependence within the nation. He wanted people to rely on the government of the United States to meet their needs. This is the initial step in creating a socialist state.

    Other stations also sued the Wisconsin gas station for violating state law by lowering gas prices below the legally allowed limit. Stations compete with each other for customers. When one lowers its prices, unjust business practices are involved. The majority of owners are looking to earn profits and attract customers to their establishments. However, unfair practices are not legal, regardless of the circumstances.

    Motor Biscuit also reported that “those worries recently led two owners of gas stations who own gas stations in Wisconsin to bring suit against rivals for selling gasoline ‘too cheap.’” According to WISN, Woodman's Food Market in Waukesha has been hit with two lawsuits, worth $80,000 each. The lawsuits allege that Woodman's is selling gas at a price below the legal price, which is a violation of Wisconsin’s law known as the Unfair Sales Act. Woodman's Food Market reportedly justifies its illegal actions by claiming that they're trying to compete against a local Costco. Motor Biscuit also reported that some customers are contemplating switching from gas-powered cars and opting for electric vehicles.

    Biden's objective is to rid the United States of all gas-powered automobiles. He says he is determined to lead America to a brand new age by making sure that current gas-engine vehicles are too costly. The shrewd president will instead push people to accept liberal demands rather than let them make their own decisions. The president is trying to push people to accept electric vehicles as the latest method for powering automobiles. However, he doesn't inform the public that the electricity to power cars is generated using the very fuels that he is trying to stop.

    Businesses are attempting to lure customers. Their efforts could result in numerous legal proceedings and hundreds of thousands in fines. A dramatic reduction in gas prices was the most certain method by which the Woodman's store could gain customers.

    The evil Democrats, led by the aging Joe Biden, will continue their efforts to undermine America and push the country to take a road it isn't ready to follow. Reform with self-powered vehicles that utilize various energy sources should begin where the energy is generated. Any attempt to alter the way things are done could lead to businesses taking drastic measures to protect their profits, even if they are in violation of the law.


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