Surveys Show Republicans Will Win Huge House Majority


    Anchor Jake Tapper said, “If you're a Republican running for re-election or trying to unseat a Democrat, things are looking pretty good, right?”

    Enten stated, “I would say they're excellent from a historical perspective. The way I saw it, I took the most favorable Republican positions on the general congress ballots at this time in midterm elections since 1938 . The generic ballot is basically asking, ‘Would you prefer to prefer to vote for a generic Republican or the generic Democrat in your area What do you think is that since 1938, the Republican two-point advantage on the generic Congress ballot is the top option for Republicans to be during any midterm period in more than 80 years. It is better than 2010 in which Republicans had a slight advantage. It beat 2002, 2014, and 1998, when Democrats won by one point. And in each of those previous four instances that comprise this list from the top 5. consider this: who did win an overwhelming majority? It was Republicans who had an overwhelming majority.”

    He said, “Now, of course there's no way to determine if the election will be scheduled for tomorrow, but we'll find out. Sometimes, the past isn't always the best guide However, my prediction for 2023's House composition, if an election was held today, which , again, it's not, but we have five five months before the election, it would be Republicans with 236 seats on 241 seats. Democrats 194 to 194 to. The formula is based on race-to-seat ratings that are derived from The Cook Political Report and Inside Elections.”

    Tapper stated, “That is a stomping, or that would be a stomping.”

    Enten stated, “Yes, it would.”


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