Swalwell Accuses Republican Leaders of Inciting Violence


    Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said on Monday's “OutFront” that the “violent political rhetoric that is espoused by Republican leaders is inspiring violent political acts.”

    Swalwell stated, “If you look at the Facebook page of this person as well as the Facebook pages that belong to Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, they're all the same. This means that the violent political discourse that is promoted from Republican leaders is inciting violence by people such as this. We each have a duty to denounce it, because if we don't do it the way we did on the 6th of January, it is interpreted as a permit slip. The most convincing evidence of condemning it has an impact is the date of the 6th of January. There were hundreds of people in the streets when Donald Trump said it's time to leave and they returned home. Therefore, whether or not, although it might be a bit odd that people follow a leader, whether they commit violence or leave, it really carries a lot of significance. In the future, more Republicans must speak out. If they don't, someone will be killed. Paul Pelosi almost was.”

    He also said, “Democrats are very passionate about the stakes in the election, but not one of my colleagues, nor I, have supported violence. That's my opinion about the difference. Sure, arguments can become heated and heated and we've repeatedly said things we regret. However, Republican colleagues have praised violence.”


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