Teen Girl in Oklahoma Rescued after Medical Issue


    The crash happened on Monday, near the intersection of 121st Street along Memorial Drive in Bixby, where witnesses reported that the white car crossed over four lanes and then sped off into the pond, KOTV reported.

    Bixby High School sophomores Joey Toma and Brody Duffel, who KOTV reporter Chinh Doan noted play football and lacrosse, just completed football practice and were on their way home when they saw the incident.

    “We pulled over and hopped out and asked him, ‘You going in?' He's like, ‘Yep,' and so he can see him start throwing his clothes off,” Toma revealed to KOTV in a recounting of his encounter with Duffel.

    Duffel and another good Samaritan went into the water to save the driver, a 16-year-old Catie Copenhaver. Joey dialed 911 to inform authorities of the incident.

    “I was able to pull that door open and, luckily, before too much water pressure got on it, so I pulled the door open and she kind of fell out of the car and into the other guy, and we were able to pull her up and get her up on the bank,” Brody explained to KOTV.

    Thankfully, Copenhaver did not get hurt in the crash, as per the media outlet.

    Although the victim and her rescuers were of similar ages, they did not know each other. Duffel and Toma discovered her on social media and they got together.

    Catie gave both young men cards, before hugging them and expressing her gratitude for their hard work in the morning, according to the video of the meeting on KOTV.

    “You could have just watched my car go and just been like, ‘Oh, that sucks,' but you acted, and that's what's really special,” Catie spoke to her rescuers.

    The Bixby Public School Board of Education will honor the two young heroes during the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, KOTV noted. The agenda of the meeting stipulates that the teenagers will be given an award called the Spartan Courage Award.


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