Teen Killed, Officer Hurt on Juneteenth in D.C.


    In the words of NBC Washington, the shooting was reported to “break out after two separate incidents, following what D.C. Chief of Police Robert Contee called an ‘unpermitted event' at around 6 p.m. held by the group Moechella.”

    Moechella is a music festival that showcased Go-go bands that celebrated the recently declared holiday of Juneteenth that commemorates the emancipation ceremony from slavery in the United States.

    The shooting occurred at 14th & U Street NW. Police say the officer was wounded on the leg. The severity of the injuries to the two other victims is unknown at the moment, however police say they're in stable condition.

    “At some point there was a sort of ‘fight' or incident in the crowd, which was quelled, police stated. After a second incident,' people began to flee and some were able to have their ankles and legs trampled in the process,'” noted NBC Washington.

    “While officers shut down the event and paramedics treated victims who suffered injuries running away, the gunfire that would claim the life of a teen and injure three others erupted,” the report added.

    As previously reported, police are on the lookout to find “a black male about 5'4  with curly hair and wearing all black.”

    Social media posts show huge crowds fleeing in fear as shots were fired.


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