Teen Killed While Tubing on River


    As per St. Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson, the scene was “chaotic” and “I'm sure that anybody that witnessed it will never forget it,” the sheriff told reporters, adding “It is a tragedy.”

    The incident took place when people were on the Apple River, located in Somerset. The boy, who was 17 years old, from Minnesota, was transported to the hospital, but was later declared dead, according to Knudson.

    In a tweet on social media that was posted on the weekend, the sheriff's department offered more details.

    “A Suspect has been located and TAKEN INTO CUSTODY, there's no further threat to the public,” the agency's blog read, adding that investigators were continuing to investigate.

    As per the ABC report, the suspect was an older man, 52 years old, from Minnesota.

    “Again, four were evacuated. Two were transported by ambulance, the other two via air,” Knudson explained during a press conference, stating that among them were three men and one woman thought to be in their 20s.

    Images showed people crossing the river. A WCCO reporter stated that it was not clear if it was a random incident or not:

    “Everyone believes that everyone was tubing. From where they all began I'm not sure where they came from, or which campground or what park. However, they were all tubing, and appeared to be going at the same time together with two other groups.” Knudson continued:

    He also revealed to reporters the information he was given included “torso injuries, stab wounds.” But he did not know the exact number of victims, nor the whereabouts.

    While they were searching, police found the knife and questioned numerous witnesses.

    “We're actually in the process of trying to divert some of the tubing traffic around our crime scene,” Knudson told reporters during the interview. “That alone is causing some challenges trying to get them off the river, and gathering up what we can in a hard-to-get-to area.”


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