Tens of Thousands of Migrants Headed to US Border


    The Border Patrol intelligence alert warns that the situation on the border with Mexico's southwest is likely to worsen as tens of thousands of migrants are set to cross the United States border from southern Mexico. According to an insider within CBP, the alert was sent out via an official email, warning Border Patrol agents that more than 40,000 migrants from southern Mexico could soon be heading north.

    The report, as reviewed by Breitbart Texas, suggests that more than 30,000 people could be in transit inside the Mexican State of Chiapas on the border between Guatemala and Mexico. The destination of the migrants was not disclosed in the alert, according to an official from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, who is not authorized to talk to the media.

    According to the report that has been issued, migrants in Chiapas are in the process of obtaining documentation from officials of Mexico which will permit them to start their journey north, and then legally quit the Mexican border state. Without the approval through Mexico's National Institute of Migration (INM), the migrants must traverse the country in a way that is illegal which could result in enforcement actions by INM as well as the Mexican National Guard.

    The report also warns that another group of between 10,000 to 15,000 people in the Mexican state of Oaxaca might already be in the process of moving. The more alarming part is the fact that suggests the entire population could be heading directly from Juarez, Chihuahua, directly in the direction of El Paso, Texas. The agency is trying to manage migrant crossings at the current levels.

    Presently, the Border Patrol in El Paso witnessed an increase in migrant crossings over the last few weeks. The increase in traffic caused street releases in the downtown area and thousands of people waited on the banks of Rio Grande in near-freezing temperatures. In the shelters and facilities, overcrowding in the region kept homeless waiting outside for Border Patrol agents to receive and take them in as they became available.

    At El Paso, 7,400 migrants entered the town from the border during the weekend of last week. The average of over 2,400 daily crossings for migrants over the span of three days has led to the issue of overcrowding at Border Patrol processing facilities and shelters that are not government-run, forcing certain migrants to be let out straight onto the streets of the city.

    A dashboard for the migrant crisis maintained by the city shows that the average CBP daily encounter with migrant workers has dropped to 2,112 by press time. The daily releases of migrants into the city are more than 1,400 daily. To ease the pressure on the city, DHS turned to contracting more air transportation to cities along the border. According to Breitbart Texas, multiple flights operated by the ICE Air Operations branch moved immigrants to Laredo during the last few weeks.

    A search of records of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Air Operations flights from El Paso to San Diego, California shows at least five flights have taken place since Sunday. Numerous ICE Air Operations flights were operated between El Paso to Laredo and to Harlingen, Texas, throughout the week.

    The contract carriers, iAero Airways and World Atlantic Airlines, jointly operated flights out of El Paso using MD83 and Boeing 737 equipment. Each aircraft can carry at most 150 passengers.

    The source says that the new number of immigrants will hinder the agency's ability to manage the anticipated 16,000 to 18,000 migrants that are expected to cross the border every day after they are released from CDC Title 42 Emergency COVID-19 authority, which will expire on the 21st of December.


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