Texas Baseball Game Marred When Pitcher Assaults Player “Out of Nowhere”


    A dramatic incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon in Texas during a baseball match between North Central Texas College and Weatherford. Josh Phillips, a North Central Texas College player, made a double-hit off Weatherford's pitcher Owen Woodward in the bottom of the sixth inning. The cause of the incident isn't entirely clear, but when Phillips was advancing to third base, Woodward charged across the infield and body-checked the player.

    “Woah, oh my!” the announcer of the play-by-play said. “Oh no. Oh no. That was out of nowhere.”

    The announcer’s reaction indicates that Phillips was not ridiculing Woodward or, at the very least, not in a blatant or unprofessional way. At this point, there's no information about whether Phillips will press charges against Woodward.

    Phillips was eventually back on his feet and made his triumphant journey to home plate. However, Woodward may have thrown his final pitch as a baseball player.


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