Texas Democrat Represented Drug Smugglers and Gang Leaders in Court Now Calling for “Law and Order”


    Vicente Gonzalez, a Texas representative of the 15th congressional district, which is located along the border with Mexico, faces a difficult re-election challenge for the 34th Congressional district. The district is contested by Rep. Maya Flores (R-TX), who was recently elected to the seat in a special election.

    On his campaign website, Gonzalez claims to support investments “in first responders at the community level” as well as “maintaining smart border security, increased security at our ports, and a more collaborative and accountable relationship with Mexico.”

    In June 2018, Gonzalez claimed to be a “law and order member” of Congress and a person that “believe[s] in strict border security.” Also, in August 2018, Gonzalez said he would like the government to “bring security to our border” and to ensure that “drugs are not coming across as freely as they are now.”

    Prior to his stint in Congress, Gonzalez founded the V. Gonzalez and Associates law firm in 1997, which is in operation and earning the congressman tens of thousands of dollars of income each year, according to Washington Free Beacon's Collin Anderson’s reports.

    Gonzalez's list of clients includes Richard Contreras, who pleaded guilty to federal drug charges after conspiring to bring more than 2,200 pounds of marijuana out of Mexico into America.

    In 1999, Gonzalez also represented Frank Tijerina, the leader of the “Corrupt Criminal Mob,” a gang in Texas, was sentenced for 30 months in federal prison for federal drug charges of conspiring to sell marijuana worth roughly 420,000 dollars. Tijerina had also pleaded guilty to selling large amounts of meth since 1990.

    “In total, Gonzalez agreed to represent an array of felony drug dealers who conspired to distribute eight pounds of MDMA, nearly half a pound of cocaine, and more than 4,000 pounds of marijuana, easily worth millions of dollars,” Free Beacon reported.

    Gonzalez's campaign has not responded to an inquiry for comments from the Free Beacon, despite promoting his experience as an attorney.

    The problem could be a recurring theme in Gonzalez's campaign for re-election against Flores. In her brief time as a member of Congress, Flores has received an enormous amount of attention due to the remarks first lady Jill Biden gave comparing Hispanic Americans to breakfast tacos.

    In exclusive interviews conducted by Breitbart Texas, Flores said, “[Democrats] want to send me back to Mexico,” in reference to remarks she's received from Democrats and declared their accusations “hypocrisy.”

    Responding to Biden, Flores said, “[Democrats] think that with just their little face, people will vote for them … They think that because they hand out tacos, people will vote for them … People will no longer vote for them just because they hand out tacos or because they play music… And I think that they will realize in November.”

    During fiscal year 2021, under the presidency of Joe Biden, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) discovered an increase of 1,066 percent in fentanyl and an increase of 98 percent for cocaine at eight of south Texas's entrance points.

    DHS agents found 41,713 lbs of marijuana. They also seized 8,592 pounds of cocaine, 33,777 lbs of methamphetamine, 1,215 pounds of heroin, 588 lbs of fentanyl, 463 guns, and 84,863 rounds ammunition under Biden during the 2021 fiscal Year.

    The staggering magnitude of drug seizures that have occurred along the southern border of Texas is happening as illegal immigration has increased dramatically under Biden's supervision. Gonzalez is currently pursuing Amnesty for all the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living within the U.S., a plan that could push illegal immigration numbers even higher.

    From February 2021 through May 2022, Biden's DHS has released over 1 million border crossers and illegal immigrants into America. The number of foreigners doubles the population of Wyoming, is larger than that of Austin, Texas, and is twice the size of Atlanta, Georgia.

    In a Rasmussen Reports survey, a most likely U.S. voters said they believe that illegal immigration continues to grow “worse” and 73 percent said that immigration is a major concern heading into the midterm elections.


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