The Abortion Mission is Flailing


    This is a major story in the event that it is true. I'm not at all shocked that every female activist, journalist and politician is planning to destroy the Supreme Court over its decision on Friday, regarding Dobbs V. Jackson Women's Health Organization.

    However even if you accept the belief of the abortion cult that women of the sex with weaker genders cannot keep their knees closed as well as mastering birth control, I'm only counting around 100,000 women who don't have access to abortions without Roe V. Wade.

    Based on the report of the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 930,160 abortions are carried out within the U.S. every year. The majority of these abortions take place in states where Biden was able to win. The majority of abortions are carried out in blue states, and 32 percent in red states, according the CDC.

    In contrast to limiting abortions, blue states are dramatically expanding abortion rights to respond to Dobbs -in a way is humanly feasible. (Yes there's a beating heart, an insignificant human that God created; however, I'm not the only one who is grieved over abortion procedures in the blue states.)

    This means that straight out of the gate we're at 297,651 abortions a year. These are likely to be prohibited in the wake of Dobbs.

    It's like a flash of thousands of harridans screeching, whose only chance to become pregnant is if a veterinarian implanted them in a laboratory and they were holding signs that read, “GET OUT OF MY UTERUS!”

    In addition, according to Guttmacher, the majority of abortions have been “medication abortions,” i.e. done with pills that are given during the initial 10 weeks after conception. Trying to stop the combined force of federal law enforcement including the FBI as well as The DEA, Customs and Border Protection as well as those of the U.S. military — together with state law enforcement isn't enough to keep fentanyl out of the country.

    Now, we're reduced to — at the very least, an average of 136,919 abortions per year, and they could be prohibited post-Dobbs.

    In reality, it'll be much less than that, as most of the red states with “bans” will still permit abortions in the initial trimester. How many abortions are performed during the initial trimester? Ninety-two percent according to the CDC. Forty-three percent of these occur during the initial one-half of the pregnancy.

    It appears that we've already won a lot of “hearts and minds” on abortion. I'm also happy to explain the meaning of “beating heart” to anyone who is unable to describe “beating heart.”

    I'm not even mentioning that every abortion ban has an exception to safeguard either the life of the mother or (serious) medical condition of the woman (i.e. I will not be depressed if I cannot have the abortion I want). Always have and will always have. This gives the abortionist some breathing space.

    This is the terrifying prospect that prompted thousands of abortion enthusiasts to throng public spaces last week to shout at us about their uteruses. (Uteri?). The reason is that up to 100,000 women won't be able get abortions through a drive-through if they've had unprotected sexual relations with men who they don't want children with and weren't aware that they lived in Louisiana.

    Perhaps their kids who have not been aborted are better at math.

    They've also introduce a brand new word in the debate about abortion (already raised by such precise words such as “choice”): “Abortion care.” Look, if I'd attended the meeting at which it was announced, “OK everyone! We're going to call it abortion care,” I'd have stated, “I'm sorry, that's too preposterous.”

    In keeping with liberal psyches, the assault against the Supreme Court last week was entirely schizophrenic

    Thursday: How dare you to take away the rights of states on guns!

    Friday: WHY DO YOU SELL US STATES' RIGHTS regarding abortion!

    [ANSWER ] One's in the Constitution. One isn't. It's a matter of fact.

    Dobbs decision also allowed minorities to be able to imitate the Dobbs decision and also permitted the left to mimic Joe Sobran's version of the New York Times headline: “Earthquake Destruction of New York; Women and Minorities Strike the Most.”

    In the same breath, abortion advocates say that women of color will be impacted most severely by the ruling of the Supreme Court permitting states to prohibit abortion. This is true in a way according to the most recent statistics from the CDC in 2019, 33% of the women who sought abortions were black, 38% white, and 21% Hispanic. In terms of per capita, that's quite many more babies of color and Latino babies who are aborted than white babies.

    In the next sentence, they claim that opposing abortion is the result of white supremacy! It's a major call to arms at white supremacist gatherings “Don't Kill Black Babies!!

    As I wrote about following the controversy about the leak of an abortion opinion in the last few months, no matter what the public consider abortion and the shrews that are unleashed on the public do not help Democrats.

    In the span of three days, we were able to go from a Christian cult on the Supreme Court! My Body My Choice! This is as if slavery! To … what kind of abortion decision? Let's discuss Trump!


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