The Emmys Had an All-Time Minimum of 5.9M Viewers


    The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards was watched by 19 percent fewer viewers on Monday night for a total of 5.9 million viewers. 

    This is even less than the prior 6.4 million record-breaking low set in 2020.

    Remember when celebrities and sycophants of the entertainment media blamed that all-time low on the China Flu? 

    What will the liars blame it on now?

    Why would anyone see the Emmys?

    Nobody at the Emmys are actually interested in entertaining the viewers at home.

    The narcissists are only interested in demonstrating their own virtues to each other.

    As for the people watching from home, they are averse to us. They don't even bother to conceal that hatred or hide it.

    They ridicule Trump and don’t even mention Biden. They're not even trying.

    The entertainment industry is always full of self-centered egos. However, has it been burdened with a business that is so spoiled, bitter, and full of bigotry that instead of entertaining, they prefer to degrade, insult, and shout at us.

    When you read about legends in the past, most were guided by inflated egos, belief in their own accomplishments, and the conviction that they were better than others. Many of them considered their fans to be weird. However, guess what? They never would have foreseen an entertainment industry that is so broken, unprofessional, and rude that it could spend the majority of its time shaming and demeaning its paying customers.

    In fact, they wouldn’t even be able to imagine a day when things could get so bad in the entertainment industry and they’d refuse to change.

    Now, they’re reduced to 5.9 million viewers and yet they dislike us so much that they’ll never ever change.

    Just ten years ago, the Emmys attracted fifteen million viewers. In fact, just twenty years earlier, twenty million viewers watched it.

    Their negativity and narcissism are dragging them down to a humiliating 5.9 million viewers. Because you're the infamous Woke Gestapo, nothing will alter your behavior.

    Oh, the entertainment media will blame everyone else, but the industry. These are the far-left liars in Deadline:

    [W]ith the Emmys airing on a Monday for the first time since 2018, a very different digital landscape today, declining award shows attraction, and that NFL face-off counter-programming, almost no one expected the 2022 ceremony to achieve any audience heights.

    There is always an excuse. They are always lying to their readers.

    Really, Deadline… You're saying it was 5.9 million due to football?

    Last time it was COVID!

    Then Deadline tried to blame the fact that the viewers were aware of who would be the winner and chose not to watch the show:

    Here in the City of Angels, there was a bit less drama and more déjà vu with HBO’s Succession, Euphoria’s Zendaya, and AppleTV+’s Ted Lasso scoring big Emmy wins for the second year in a row. HBO’s The White Lotus, Netflix’s Squid Game and ABC’s Abbott Elementary also took home some golden hardware.

    The hacks in the entertainment media industry claim that they will provide coverage of the entertainment industry but instead they cover up the truth for the entertainment industry.

    Do you want to know the reason that only 5.9 million were tuned in? Because Hollywood dislikes its fans and each year, more of us find that out.


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