The Fact that Hunter Biden Partnered with a Chinese Military-Linked Company is Depicted in “My Son Hunter”


    My Son Hunter, the new movie by Breitbart News, is a fact-based depiction of the life of debauchery and corruption that has been lived by Hunter Biden. Although the dramatization takes some artistic liberties, many scenes portray true accounts of Hunter Biden’s life. 

    Hunter Biden received $5 million from CEFC China Energy co. which has ties to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) as well as The Bank of China.

    CEFC was run by Ye Jianming, who had several ties to Chinese military intelligence, and the company provided oil to the PLA, as per Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer's best-selling book, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

    One of Ye's initial business partners was the granddaughter of one of the founding fathers of China's military, Marshall Ye Jianying. Ye also established his company by purchasing assets from a former PLA officer closely connected to Chinese army intelligence, Lai Changxing. Ye was also deputy secretary-general for either the China Association for International Friendly Contract (CAIFC) or its Shanghai branch from 2003 until the year 2005. CAIFC is financed by Chinese PLA intelligence.

    Additionally, there were Chinese military officers who were part of Ye's firm with ties to China's PLA National Defense university. CEFC also funded a non-profit think-tank called China Energy Fund Committee. The China Energy Fund Committee’s analysts would support the use of power in the South China Sea. Another CEFC subsidiary advocated for Taiwan's unification and integration with mainland China.

    CEFC was located in the city's French concessions section, a region “primarily controlled by China's military,” according to Schweizer.

    Schweizer wrote in Red Handed:

    Ye was at the center of Beijing’s economic strategy. His firm, CEFC, saw itself as playing an important and central role in advancing China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which was designed to expand Chinese economic and political influence worldwide. Accordingly, CEFC was also an oil supplier to the People’s Liberation Army.

    CEFC was seeking to invest in America This was the reason why Hunter was engaged in business transactions with Ye and his partners. CEFC was planning to invest in U.S. infrastructure and created two entities in order to achieve this called Hudson West IV and SinoHawk, Schweizer reported.

    As of a few months ago, Chinese business records indicated the Hunter Biden’s business continued to be a ten percent stakeholder in the Chinese investment company BHR Partners — which was created in conjunction with CEFC although Hunter Biden's lawyers said that he divested.


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