The Family Foundation Refused Service at Richmond, VA, Restaurant Because It Is Christian


    The woke Nazis in the Richmond, Virginia, restaurant known as Metzger Bar and Butchery chose not to serve an organization after they discovered that it was Christian.

    Yes, here we are: discrimination, outright intolerant bigotry, for the sake of…tolerance.

    Metzger's is a restaurant with a German influence. Yes, Germany 1933.

    Reports explained that the German-inspired eatery in Richmond had cancelled a reservation for a conservative political group's private gathering, declaring in a published statement that it had made its decision in order to protect staff members who are women and/or belong to the LGBTQ community. The Family Foundation, the organization that had made the reservation, does not support gay marriage, abortion, or other issues held dear by liberals.

    “Metzger Bar and Butchery has always prided itself on being an inclusive environment for people to dine in,” the fascists stated in their announcement. “Recently we refused service … after the owners of Metzger found out it was a group of donors to a political organization that seeks to deprive women and LGBTQ+ persons of their basic human rights in Virginia.”

    Human rights? Do you mean eating at a restaurant, something that every Christian would not want to deny anyone, even the Alphabet People? Even the weirdos sporting beards and high-heeled shoes?

    The Family Foundation had made this reservation over a week earlier for 15 to 20 guests. Just 90 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive, they were informed that the reservation had been canceled. Why? Because of their faith-based convictions.

    It is evident that Metzger's fellow Nazis in big tech are circling the wagons in their favor. On Friday, Yelp removed the capability for users to post reviews about the Metzger Bar and Butchery's page following a string of negative reviews in connection with the incident. This was swiftly followed by a number of positive reviews seeking to counteract the negative one-star reviews. It's nice to have help from Yelp to make it difficult for customers to submit complaints against you, right?

    Victoria Cobb, the president of the Family Foundation, said this isn't the first time that her company has been discriminated against because of being Christian. She stated that a web-design firm declined to create the foundation's site due to political reasons. The previous provider of its software for managing customer relationships, EveryAction, which became part of new parent company Bonterra on March 1, revoked the foundation's contract and forced it to move its database to a new system. “While many who hold the same beliefs may not experience this directly yet, we recognize we are on the tip of the spear,” Cobb wrote in her blog article.

    “All we want is to be left alone,” they said.

    “All we desire is to live our lives to the fullest,” they said.

    “How does our love affect your life?” they asked.

    Today, here we go: drag queens in libraries; gay porn at primary schools; men with facial hair in your daughters’ locker rooms; the medical industry spending billions of dollars per year mutilating teenage tomboys; and artists being forced to participate in gay weddings.

    Some people tried to warn you but were branded alarmists and bigots.


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