The Left Is Beginning to Recognize Green Energy Transition Will Fail


    Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle opened the interview by pointing out that the green power icon Greta Thunberg has caved and said she'd like to be able to see Germany continue to use nuclear power stations.

    Melbye saw it as an acknowledgment of the left that the country cannot run solely using green energy since its intermittent and frequently not reliable.

    “When you have the poster child of the progressive left come out and acknowledge that nuclear energy is an important part of the energy mix, I think you now have the left realizing what we all have seen with our very own eyes is that this transition to green energy has been a colossal failure,” Melbyre explained to Breitbart News Saturday. “It's not worked because it relies more on the ideology. The idea that renewable energy that runs only 30 % of the time will be able to generate our power is a joke.”

    Melbye further said that the shift towards green energy has damaged European national security as several countries have been reliant upon Russian natural gas which has led to energy spikes that are a result of the conflict that has been brewing between Russia as well as Ukraine. The uranium executive stated that America has a wealth of natural resources, including around 1 million pounds of pure uranium, which could offer Americans low-cost energy and energy freedom from potential enemies.

    In a discussion of domestic issues, Melbye stated that Democrats as well as Republicans are currently awash in nuclear energy, which includes lawmakers like Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and John Barrasso (R-WY).

    He also mentioned that America must mine more natural resources like nickel, copper, lithium, and uranium within the United States because America mines these resources in a more sustainable manner than nations like Kazakhstan and the Congo. 


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