The New York Times Claims that Climate Change is Changing How We Live


    In his article titled “Climate Change Threatens Europe with New Weather Extremes,” climate journalist John Ainger blames global warming for “another record-breaking year of extreme weather in Europe in 2021, triggering catastrophic flooding and the hottest summer on record.”

    The “dramatic impacts” from climate change “were on full display last year, with floods in Western Europe causing hundreds of deaths and billions of euros worth of damage,” Ainger claims.

    What Ainger does not note, other than the fact that it's impossible to connect particular weather events on the basis of “climate change,” is the fact that deaths related to weather have been declining steadily over the past century.

    “Activists constantly talk about the existential threat climate change poses and the deaths natural disasters inflict — but they never quite manage to total up these deaths,” climate expert Bjorn Lomborg wrote in November of last year.

    The reality is that, as the man declared, people “are safer from climate-related disasters than ever before.”

    2021 was the year that saw an all-time low of deaths related to weather and it was the culmination of years of declining numbers.

    “Fewer and fewer people die from climate-related natural disasters,” Lomborg wrote in January “despite breathless climate reporting, almost 99% fewer people” died in 2021 than 100 years ago.

    There were 6,134 deaths during weather-related incidents in 2021. This is a decrease of 98.7 percent from the 20th century, Lomborg noted.

    Declining deaths from climate “is clearly the opposite of what you hear, but that is because we're often just being told of one disaster after another – telling us how *many* events are happening,” he wrote.


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