The Nolte Story: Woketard Alert for the upcoming movie “Married… With Children’ Could Reappear


    Family Guy Executive producer Alex Carter is leading the team, and the entire Original Bundy family has signed up: Ed O'Neill (Al), Katey Sagal (Peggy), Christina Applegate (Kelly) as well as David Faustino (Bud).

    According to reports, it's being sold to various streamers and networks There's lots of attention.

    Married… with Children that was a show that ran for 11 seasons from 1987 between 1987 and 1997, helped establish Fox as a credible broadcast network. Alongside The Simpsons and In Living Color, Fox soared because it provided something unique with its edgy, non-stop funny, no-nonsense humor — something that you could not find elsewhere during primetime which is now almost nonexistent nowadays.

    Married… with Children is my most-loved sitcom for over 30 years, and has been in the rotation at my house in constant. Apart from Abbott & Costello, nothing can make me more laugh then the adventures and adventures of the Bundys. The current era of oppressive incoherent, cowardly Woke Nazism has inspired me to love it even more.

    There was no sacred cow out of bounds. Everybody and everything was beaten including Dan Quayle to Oprah to George Bush to feminists to homosexuals, American consumerism to the motherhood the nuclear family, animal rights activists, hippies Apple pie, overweight women Christians Machismo, stupid rock stars, blondes Christmas, moralists who are uptight and basically everything else that is dear to anyone.

    The show is full of eye candy for both genders. And it was beyond irreverent — blatantly politically-incorrect, anti-authority, gloriously sexist, gloriously misandrist, a celebration of living life on your own terms, and gut-splittingly hilarious.

    In spite of the perfect casting, with Amanda Bearse as Marcy Rhodes (a womanly, brittle yuppie) along with Ted McGinley as Jefferson (a charming, scheming boy) The thing that did the show succeed was the flawless blend of misanthropy and heart. They Bundys constitute a clan who plays games and lies to each other constantly But God bless anyone who attempts to do to do the same (unless you're lucky enough to be they're super beautiful or rich).

    What are they planning to accomplish this? What can you do to recreate this mix in the shiver of Woke McCarthyism?

    Two choices…

    Either the couple who is married… or with children will be slain and stripped of the inconvenientness that allowed it to be proper or the Woke Gestapo will have a continuous rage and meltdown into a Chappelle-sized pool of their own insufferable tears.

    If we consider Art That Will Never Make It past today's Woke Fascists you think about Norman Lear, Mel Brooks as well as Married… to children. They were all extremely good for America. They all made us laugh at ourselves, our differences and our peculiarities. This is exactly the thing that's missing from our society in the present — we don't smile at ourselves nowadays. Instead, we ridicule and denigrate or point fingers, lecture and use virtue signals. This is intentional. The act of laughing at ourselves brought us closer. This is the main reason the 1970s, 1980s, and the '90s saw a decrease in race or social tension. We were united as a nation. Then, political correctness was invented to deliberately degrade all of this, and destroyed art.

    What ever they do with married… or with Children I'm not watching. Another thing I dislike about our culture is the inability to evolve and to take on The New. America was always focused on The New. We always looked for the Next Thing. And then, the soul-loving boomers arrived and decided that they'll never be old enough, and they started the Rolling Stones are still touring, Star Trek and Star Wars will not go away, and 109-year old Steven Spielberg is remaking and “correcting” 61-year-old musicals.

    It's just so sad.

    Then again, Woke or #MeToo angry reruns of McCarthyism.

    We're not a country of youth any more. We are not willing to give up. We aren't willing to let go. We're apathetic, stoic and numb and judgemental. We're married… and kids helped to remove the 6-foot steel pole that important Boomers pushed up our collective sexiness. The pole-free times. However, those Millennial Nazis replaced that steel pole with a titanium one and I don't believe that getting married… to children is possible to be married… in a setting with children in a setting that creates Joe McCarthy look like a swinger.


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