The Royal Family Unites as Charles III Named King


    The UK Daily Mail reports that the reunion was at the request of the new King:

    The King has ordered his rival sons to end their feud prior to the Queen's funeral, which led them to be reunited publicly for the first time in over a year, as has been reported.

    Royal sources claim that Prince William attempted to lay to rest the hatchet with an olive branch in the 11th hour towards his brother Prince Harry by inviting him for a stroll outside Windsor Castle following a phone conversation with Charles.

    The spontaneous walkabout of William and Kate along with Harry and Meghan, their first public appearances together since March of 2020, was revealed by royal officials.

    William, who now has the title Prince of Wales, and his father, King Charles III, broke his silence and paid a touching tribute to his grandmother.

    “I knew this day would come, but it will be some time before the reality of life without Grannie will truly feel real,” said the 40-year-old, who is the youngest of Charles and Princess Diana.

    However, it was his connection with brother Harry who walked away from his royal duties in the early months of 2020 and emigrated into the United States with his American wife, who is an actress, that seemed likely to dominate the news on Sunday.

    The two couples who were once known as “the fab four,” came out of Windsor Castle together to inspect the flowers and to pay tribute to the queen who passed away on Thursday, aged 96, following her record-breaking reign of 70 years.

    They later spoke with well-wishers on different areas of the street.

    In his inaugural speech as king on Friday, Charles made mention of the “love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.” The words of Charles were widely viewed as a gesture of kindness to the couple who have spent a lot of the past two years expressing their displeasure about their royal clan.

    Heavy responsibilities

    After a lifetime's work, Charles was formally proclaimed as king on the weekend during a celebration that was brimming with the pomp that the UK excels at.

    A court official sporting the bicorn's feathered hat declared the 73-year old monarch “our only lawful and rightful” monarch on the terrace of St James's Palace in London.

    The event was preceded by the Accession Council meeting of senior ministers, royals, and the government, an ancient tradition that was broadcast live on TV for the first time.

    “I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty, which have now passed to me,” Charles declared in a statement before his swearing in. 

    “In taking up these responsibilities, I shall strive to follow the inspiring example I have been set.”


    Eight trumpeters were present to announce the news and were followed by a loud three cheers to the new King by Red-jacketed Coldstream Guards soldiers, doffing their distinctive bearskin caps.

    Ceremonial gun salutes echoed throughout all of the UK as the proclamation, an ancient tradition when the monarch's name had to be declared to the people they serve, was read in public throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

    William is the heir to the throne and his wife Kate now holds Diana's former title as Princess of Wales. He said that he will respect Diana “by supporting my father, the king, in every way I can.”

    Charles instantly became the monarch after the queen passed away, but the proclamation was only one of the steps in the 10 days of preparations for her funeral in the state.

    Since the queen's death, masses have gathered to leave candles, flowers, and cards in front of the royal residences, all the way from Buckingham Palace to Windsor and Balmoral which is the Scottish estate where the queen was buried.

    They both mourned the queen and wished Charles well. There are thousands more expected to throng the streets of Scotland as the queen's coffin will begin its journey toward London at the end of Sunday.

    “I'm sad, however, you must go on. I believe the king is different” the 53-year old Londoner Sarah Berdien.

    “The queen has always been the queen — always the same, no drama.”

    Dany Van Laanen (36), who works for a recruitment firm, said Charles is going to have “big shoes to fill” in the wake of his mother's death who was the sole monarch the majority of the UK knew.

    “I do hope he will manage to modernize the monarchy,” he added.

    Charles -the king who enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent times from Diana's death in a vehicle crash assumes the throne in a time of intense tension in Britain over the ever-growing cost of living as well as the international instability caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

    He is expected to stay out of politics and has said his intention to stay away from uttering statements about subjects he's previously spoken out on, issues like climate change.

    British Premier Secretary Liz Truss — only named by the monarch's late mother in the week preceding, pledged the support of the entire nation to Charles in the House of Commons on Friday when she acknowledged his “awesome responsibility” he bore.

    The Speaker of the House of Commons and selected senior MPs pledged loyalty to the new king on Saturday.

    The Queen's final journey

    The funeral ceremony on the 19th of September at Westminster Abbey is expected to be attended by the heads of state and government as well as US President Joe Biden being among those who confirmed they would attend.

    British security officers are preparing what's been described as likely to be to be the “biggest policing and protective operation” in UK history.

    The Kremlin stated that Russian president Vladimir Putin — at conflict in his disagreement with Russia and the West about his conquest of Ukraine — won't be attending.

    The queen's senior royals as well as her daughter Princess Anne and princes Andrew and Edward were also welcomed by well-wishers outside Balmoral on Saturday.

    Prince Andrew — who has also abstained from public appearances due to allegations which he strongly denies, that he was involved in sexual activity with a teen victim of the convicted sexual assault US perpetrator Jeffrey Epstein — thanked the public for their support.

    On Sunday, the queen's coffin will be carried on the road to Balmoral to Edinburgh and will be buried within Edinburgh's Palace of Holyroodhouse.

    The next morning, Charles III will lead the procession along Scotland's Royal Mile to the magnificent St Giles' Cathedral where he and the other royals will be holding an evening candlelight vigil.

    Then, from the Scottish capital the coffin is scheduled to be taken into London on Tuesday, where it will sit in state for four hours at Westminster Hall, the oldest Parliament building.

    More than one million people will pay respects prior to the funeral service which will be on television in Westminster Abbey.

    The funeral of the queen's funeral who was crowned at the age of 25 in 1952 will be a national holiday with the name of the Day of National Mourning.

    Charles's coronation ceremony, an elaborate ceremony steeped in history and tradition, will be held within the same historic setting the way it has been over the centuries, with the date to be determined.

    The AFP has contributed to this report.


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