The Taliban Mock Prince Harry After Release of Memoir


    The Taliban have called Prince Harry an attention-seeking “loser” after Prince Harry said he killed 25 Taliban soldiers while in Afghanistan.

    The royal who was once loved by a large portion of the population for his 10 years of service in the military and two tours of Afghanistan was the subject of controversy after the media highlighted his claimed kills in his autobiographical memoir, a scribbled style work that features a celebrity's perspective and crass stories of outdoor coitus as well as drug use and being thrown into a dog's dish by his elder brother who will later become King. 

    But, his assertion that he killed just 25 people while fighting in the role as an Apache pilot, although not the most memorable incident the man recounts, could prove to have the most grave consequences and political, military and security officials warning that he has not just raised the possibility of either a professional or amateur “revenge attack” that could cause harm to the family of his victim or the neighbors in the elite community located in Montecito, California, but “incite some people to attempt an attack on British soldiers anywhere in the world”.

    But, while certain Taliban officials have reacted to the prince's macho comments by calling for him to be prosecuted for war crimes, others have replied with ridicule.

    Taliban leader Molavi Agha Gol, for instance, questioned whether the prince's tale was real, calling the prince a “big mouth loser who has been trying to get attention” in remarks made in The Independent.

    “I do not even believe what he said about the Mujaheddin,” the Islamist militant claimed.

    “He is a loser and is afraid to be in a combat zone. We set the record straight by taking his army and him out of our country, and he must be unhappy about it,” he continued.

    “Our martyred Mujaheddin is in heaven, but his invading friends are burning in Hell and I really hope I was in Helmand when he was there, to make him understand what real chess pieces are,” he added.

    Harry's assertion in his memoir that Harry “didn't think of those 25 [he killed] as people” instead, he viewed them instead as “chess pieces removed from the board, bad people eliminated before they could kill good people” seems to have provoked real rage.

    “The truth is what you've said: our innocent people were chess pieces to your soldiers, military and political leaders,” said a Taliban head, Anas Haqqani, of the prince's claims.

    “Still, you were defeated in that ‘game' of white & black ‘square',” Haqqani said.

    The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan after Biden's bungled Western withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. In fact, the majority of it was captured during the time that the withdrawal was going on.

    This means that the Islamist organization now has an advantage in Afghanistan as it did prior to it being a victim of the Western assault in 2001 in which vast areas of Afghanistan were under the control of western-backed Northern Alliance.


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