The “Youth Pride Carnival” in Indiana Targets Children and Is Co-Sponsored by Duke Energy


    Although Duke Energy is an electric-power and natural-gas holding company, for some mysterious reason, the Fortune 150 company has teamed up with Indy Pride Inc. of Indiana to sponsor the celebration of the “Youth Pride Carnival,” which is geared for children. According to the official event website, the festival will: create an atmosphere of safety for LGBTQ young people between 12 and 20 years of age. The event will also include the King and Queen Drag Show. The year is 2022. Indiana Youth Group is excited to join forces with Indy Pride during the 2022 Pride Celebration to create a secure space for LGBTQ youth between the ages of 12 and 20. On June 8, from 1-6 P.M., the carnival will be held at the Indiana Youth Group. Youth from our community will celebrate Pride Month with their friends in a secure environment as they take advantage of carnival food including snow cones, paint-your-face, dunk tanks, and much more, while playing various carnival games. At the carnival, children will be delighted by the queen and king drag show!

    Exposure of kids to half-naked drag queens in revealing costumes is a regular feature during Pride Month, with each year bringing more shocking images than the previous one. On Saturday night, at an LGBT bar in Dallas, drag queens in scanty outfits danced before children. The party, called “Drag the Kids to Pride,” was held at the pub Mr. Misster in Dallas, Texas, where families were invited to join with their kids, while also inviting “young performers” to take the stage to dance along with the “Queens.”

    “Do you want to share the stage along with the Queens? We have five spots for performers in the younger age group to perform solo and with [the] Queen they choose! Enjoy a time in the company of Queens and take in this special celebration of pride for all guests!” the announcement read.

    As videos have shown, the show was not “family-friendly,” as drag queens danced and lip-synched , while children offered them money for their performances, just like an upscale strip-club.


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