Tiger Woods Turned Down Large Payday to Join Saudi-backed LIV Golf


    In an interview with The Washington Post, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman said Tiger Woods declined the possibility of a “mind-blowingly enormous” deal to join the tournament which is aiming to break the PGA Monopoly.

    “We're talking about high nine digits,” Norman stated. According to Golf Digest, this news about the Tiger Woods offer comes after the all-time legendary Jack Nicklaus acknowledged he “turned down a $100 million offer to be associated with LIV Golf” in addition to the reports that “Dustin Johnson was offered an offer of nine figures to participate at LIV Golf's Invitational series.”Tiger Woods earlier declared his support and dedication for the PGA Championship in May.

    “You are aware that Phil Mickelson has an opinion about where he views the golf game going. I have my own perspective on golf as a sport, and I've backed the tour, and my foundation has hosted tournaments in the association for quite a couple many years,” Woods said.”I just believe that what Jack [Nicklaus] as well as Arnold Palmer have accomplished when they started the tour, and getting away from PGA of America and creating our tour in the year '68 or '69 or '69, there's a place in there. I believe there's a legacy.” Tiger also said that he is a believer in the “legacy” of the PGA Tour and believes that it has a lot of potential.

    “There's lots of cash available here. The tour is expanding. It's not unlike every other sport. It's similar to tennis. You must go out and play to earn the money. You must go out and earn it. We have the chance to take advantage of it and go for it. There's no guarantee at the beginning,” he said.

    PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan warned players of suspensions and sanctions if they take part in this year's LIV series. The 54-hole competition will be played at Centurion Golf Club outside of London The event will be attended by sixteen of the most prestigious 100 players worldwide.

    Although Dustin Johnson initially said he did not want to take part in the contest, his agent told him that he was ultimately convinced that it would be “in his and his family's best interest.”

    “Dustin has been thinking about this possibility on and off for the last couple of years. In the end, he decided that it was his and his family's best interests to pursue it,” said Johnson's agent. “Dustin has never had any issue with the PGA Tour and is grateful for all it has given him, but in the end felt this was too compelling to pass up.”

    When asked about the tournament in the PGA Championship, Johnson said, “I think golf is in a great position and I believe that what the players are doing … might be beneficial to the game of golf. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens over the next couple of weeks.”

    LIV founder Greg Norman sparked controversy last month when he addressed his Saudi Arabia ties by saying the government-sanctioned killing of Jamal Khashoggi was a mere mistake, no different than the many past mistakes committed by the United States.

    In The New York Post, Norman's LIV Golf is aiming to “compete with the PGA Tour by promising golfers more money — and guaranteed appearance fees — for fewer appearances.” The PGA Tour recently denied golfers permission to play in the inaugural LIV Invitational Golf Series tournament.


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