Tim Allen Slams Disney’s Lightyear


    “I've stayed out of this,” Allen who previously played Buzz in the four first Toy Story films, told Extra. “We talked about this many years ago — but the brass that did the first four movies is not this, it's a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies.”

    Allen continued to state the following “there's really no ‘Toy Story' Buzz without Woody,” in reference to the fact that there's the absence of a Woody character in the 2022 Lightyear movie.

    “So I'm not sure what the idea is — I'm a plot guy — it would seem to be a big adventure story, and as I see, it's not a big adventure story,” the Last Man Standing star said. “It's an amazing story but it doesn't appear to be connected to the toy. It doesn't have any connection with Buzz.”

    Many people disagree with the casting of the film, for instance, actress Patricia Heaton, who blasted Disney-Pixar over the choice to swap Allen with Evans in a post on Twitter, asking “Why would they completely castrate” the character of Buzz Lightyear?

    A few Toy Story fans speculated whether Allen was replaced by Evans because of his conservative views.

    “You've to be very careful when you're around here. You'll be beaten for not believing the majority of people,” Allen said in 2017 about being a traditionalist in Hollywood.

    In the case of Lightyear, it was a movie that failed its opening day in the theaters resulting in an unprecedented plunge in ticket sales.

    The film has also been banned by Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), due to a scene that featured a kiss between two women.

    After opening to a shaky $51 million, during the second weekend of its release, the Disney film made just $17.7 million which is a drop of 65 percent.

    Evans responded to those who were offended with the kiss by saying “those people are idiots,” and “There's every day going to come those who are frightened and naive who are trying to hang onto what was prior to. But those people die off like dinosaurs.”


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