Top Emmer Says Minnesotan’s Rejecting Democrat Agenda


    Rep. Emmer addressed Breitbart News after House Republicans revealed their Commitment to America agenda that aims to revive America in a time when working class Americans continue to be afflicted by the various crises that have been unfolding during the last two years of the presidency of Joe Biden.

    Americans, Minnesotans included, are concerned about the way American communities are becoming more dangerous and crime is rampant.

    In Emmer's home state of Minnesota, an Alpha News/Trafalgar Group poll revealed that Republicans have either won or are in a tie with their Democrat opposition, because crime continues to increase. The poll revealed that combating crime was the number one concern for Minnesota voters with 41.5 percent.

    The poll also revealed that Republican Jim Schultz, who is running against Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison for attorney general, is ahead of Ellison 49.3 to 45.7 percent, while 4.9 percent of voters remain undecided. 

    Ellison, together with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), endorsed the idea of a ballot measure that would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a public security department and would have been a significant triumph for those who are part of the Defund the Police movement. The measure on the ballot was rejected.

    Emmer stated that Minnesotans have not supported the Democrats “crime agenda”, and even the fact that Democrats enjoy a lot of backing from supporters within media outlets that are “failed.” 

    “Minnesotans have not been averse to the criminal agenda. It's true, but it's been fascinating for a long time due to the failure papers existing,” Emmer explained to Breitbart News. “It was apparent that it wanted to defend social-democratic Democrats and their policies that were a failure, regardless of whether it's within the City of Minneapolis or the governor's office, throughout Minnesota or even the Attorney General's Office at all. They've protected them for years.”

    Emmer stated that Minnesota mainstream media outlets wouldn't cover the acrimonious crime spree that is afflicting Minnesota's North Star State.

    He further explained, “They won't even report the fact that there have been more than 2,500 carjackings in Minnesota this year. That means that you're on the way to a record amount of murders. We're not even into the final quarter of the year and you're 10-15 homicides which is setting a new threshold. We shouldn't be proud of ourselves. They'll never even discuss the 6,000 attacks committed since the start of the new year. That's why. I'm happy you asked me that question because I'm constantly trying to explain to people, Democrats from Washington and across the nation attempt to convince you, do you want to believe us? Or will you believe the lies of your eyes? But, what do you know? Americans are more intelligent than you think. They are aware of what they perceive. They feel what they see. They are aware that the system is a complete failure. This is due to the Democrats and their total incompetence.”

    Emmer was referring to her Commitment to America agenda, which states that tackling criminality is among its four fundamental tenets. In the Commitment to America agenda, House Republicans will:

    • Secure the border to the south and stop illegal immigration
    • Support the hiring of another 200,000 police officers with bonuses for recruiting and oppose any efforts to reduce the funding of police officers.
    • Get rid of prosecutors as well as district attorneys that do not want to investigate crimes and penalize all types of Fentanyl

    Emmer stated, “That's why we're going to see a change in the Commitment to America. It's the final piece of the puzzle because I believe that it's going to happen regardless. We're not moving in the correct direction. However, Kevin McCarthy has put this out to let everyone know that there is a chance to change things; however, you also have the hopes for a brighter tomorrow by having Republicans in the House.”


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