Transgender Health Group Removes Minimum Age Guidelines for Destructive Surgeries


    A correction was issued on September 15 by the group of the International Journal of Transgender Health which is the journal in which the original guidelines was released on September 6 — deleted sections on “suggested minimal ages for gender-affirming medical and surgical treatment for adolescents.”

    These “gender-affirming” procedures — the term used to hide the ugly nature of a lot of these procedures include double mastectomies that include female and male genital mutilation and elimination as well as facial feminization and masculinization hormonal treatments and puberty blockers which cause chemical sterilization as well as social gender transitions (e.g. employing “preferred” pronouns and names).

    The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is considered to be to be the top transgender health organization, with its advice for people who are gender dysphoric frequently used within American, British, and Canadian hospitals.

    WPATH also has an impact on the health insurance policies of other health organizations like the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    The initial guidance reduced treatment ages for all ages. For instance, the age when kids could begin receiving harmful hormones was reduced to 16 and 14. Genital mutilation surgery was reduced to 17 years old, mastectomies were reduced to 15, and breast augmentation, as well as male or female facial surger,y were decreased to 16.

    These ages were proposed in the draft for 2021. Following publication, explicit age-minimums were eliminated by the correction, however potential age requirements to start the process can be found in the guidance.

    “More recent guidelines suggest there may be compelling reasons to initiate [gender-affirming hormone therapy] prior to the age of 16, although there are limited studies on youth who have initiated hormones prior to 14 years of age,” the guidelines state.

    While no age range is specified, the guideline remains as follows “chest masculinization [double mastectomy] surgery can be considered in minors when clinically and developmentally appropriate as determined by a multidisciplinary team experienced in adolescent and gender development.” A lot of clinics offering these procedures alter the body of teenage girls.

    The guideline also suggests that some people could gain from having vaginoplasty — elimination of penis and formation of a pseudo-vagina in the tissue “before the age of 18.”

    For phalloplasties — which is the creation of a pseudo-penis using skin grafts, WPATH is recommending waiting until a patient is older due to the “complexity of phalloplasty, and current high rates of complications in comparison to other gender-affirming surgical treatments.”

    WPATH further advised it was recommended that “non-affirming” parents should be confronted by the state in order to make them brutally slash and castrate their children.

    “In some cases, parent(s)/caregiver(s) may be too rejecting of their adolescent child and their child's gender needs to be part of the clinical evaluation process,” it reads. “In these situations, youth may require the engagement of larger systems of advocacy and support to move forward with the necessary support and care.”

    “Involvement of parent(s)/guardian(s) in the assessment process, unless their involvement is determined to be harmful to the adolescent or not feasible,” it continues.


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